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Helping Student-Athletes Follow Their Own Path


Shooting for an Educated Lacrosse Consumer

Time to dispel all the myths and misinformation regarding the lacrosse recruiting process! Ensure a bright future with help from LAXADEMICS in Long Island, New York. We offer educational advisement for college-bound student-athletes who play lacrosse.

No need to be disillusioned and feel powerless. Using a methodical and education-based approach, you will no longer waste your time, energy, and resources searching for the right college. All athletes need to focus on their college search. The current business emphasis and nature that Youth & Club lacrosse has evolved requires a refocus on the needs of the student athlete in educational terms. Parents need to make informed choices of what to subscribe to as well.

LAXADEMICS provides a sound education-based support service. Through our advisement, you’ll be ready to take on higher education and achieve greater things. Our service helps athletes from elementary through high school.  Our service will navigate you through the process both from the academic and athletic standpoint.  An understanding of balance is the core of our approach and philosophy.  Finding the "best fit" for your child is Our priority.   Preparation in all areas is the key to future opportunities.   Contact us today to request a consultation.

About Our Company

LAXADEMICS is a newly established educational advisement service born out of a need to refocus on the educational components that subscribe to the “right college fit” philosophy.  A student-athlete's recruiting journey from the early onset requires a comprehensive understanding and approach.  A sound educational approach along with realistic information will empower families control their own destiny.  Most compelling is that the complex and ever changing lacrosse landscape calls for a need to educate prospective college student-athletes.  Knowledge is power!  That is the goal for our families & student-athletes we serve.  

This service subscribes to the mission philosophy of US Lacrosse.  We pledge 100% family satisfaction.

Tony Caiazza (Founder and CEO)

Providing Guidance for Students

Our CEO Coach Caiazza has been in the field of education for more than 40 years. As a high school dean of students, Coach Caiazza has worked with countless athletes with a wide spectrum of abilities and aspirations.

Coach has coached high school football for more than 30 years. He has extensive experience and multiple credentials in administration, special education, pupil personnel services, and guidance counseling services. 

Monitoring School Progress Service 

  • Parent Portal Utilization for Review
  • Teacher Eboard Coordination
  • Review Progress Reports and Report Cards
  • Project and Homework Mgt./Study Skills
  • Early Intervention: Elementary and Middle School

A Love for Lacrosse

Lacrosse has been a large part of Coach Caiazza’s life. He has more than 10 years of experience as a head college lacrosse coach. Additionally, he served as a director of the Long Island Metropolitan US Lacrosse Foundation and is the CEO/Founder of Team Hills Select Lacrosse Team. Coach Caiazza is also the proud parent of three college lacrosse players.

Coach Caiazza has been serving lacrosse players from youth through college levels for more than 38 years. He has the unique advantage of experiencing the college recruitment process from all perspectives — as a college recruiter, as a high school coach, and most importantly, as a parent.

As a result, he sees a great void and a need for direction among families. Navigating children through the ever-changing college recruiting process and club lacrosse world is highly complex. Families need to make sense of the volume of information presented to them. A sound, grounded educational approach will best serve the athlete. In respect to the "Creators" of the game of lacrosse and their value & love of the game we owe this to the future lacrosse athlete!   To follow this path or destiny respects the athlete and game!

Accomplishments at the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)

Coach Caiazza served on the NCAA championship committee along with the All-American Selection Committee. He is the proud author of the NCAA Legislation, creating and guaranteeing the NCAA Division II Championship format. Coach Caiazza was also a 1999 NCAA Division II finalist for Coach of the Year.

C.W. Post Lacrosse Scholarship 1976-80

Competed as a player in NCAA Championship Tournament 

Credentials and Affiliations

  • Former NCAA Coach
  • High School Dean of Students/PPS
  • Metro Lacrosse Foundation
  • More Than 40 Years of Coaching Experience
  • PAL Lacrosse Board
  • Select Lacrosse Admin/Coach
  • Special Education and Administration Certified
  • Member of NCAA All-American Selection Committee

  • Member of NCAA Championship Committee

Parent Guidance

  • Evaluate Lacrosse ability & Placement
  • Observe Athlete in competition
  • Recommend level of play
  • Evaluate memberships to Organizations
  • Evaluate Academic status, needs & potential
  • Identify academic & athletic strengths & weakness
  • Advisement with communication to schools
  • Homework support

  • Assist Parent with future choices & directions

Vision Statement

Our Educational Professional Service is designed to empower the student-athlete to make educated decisions.

Mission Statement

We aim to guide athletes and their families to find the best college fit for them.


Coach Caiazza set both a vision & goals for his program... In a very short time he had exceeded all of them and is on to new & exciting horizons

- Athletic Director, Dowling College

Ask About Our Fees

Use our inquiry form to ask about our rates. The estimate is based on our client’s needs.  A personal conversation and client feedback will determine the service level.   Fees will be customized specifically for you.

Payment schedule and arrangements are available based on a customized personal estimate. Contact us at

Get in Touch Today

Your investment in a game plan for your child's educational future will be viewed as "Best Practice."  Your proactive approach in your child's current and future educational and lacrosse participation will give you valuable information.  The goal of creating families that are educated consumers in the world of lacrosse is Our priority!

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Service Areas 

We offer our services in Long Island, New York.

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