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Linking Lacrosse to Academics

Areas of Advisement

The process of preparation for the college-bound athlete can be difficult and confusing. LAXADEMICS in Long Island, New York is here to make the transition from high school to College much easier.  We assess the ability, goals, and needs of student-athletes to help them determine the best academic path.

We cover both men’s and women’s lacrosse. Our service is highly individualized, and we seek the most appropriate path for the athlete.

We employ educational and athletic analytics that best serve the athlete's specific abilities
and goals.

Academic Assessment

  • English, Language and Arts (ELA)​
  • Grades
  • Guidance Info
  • Individualized Educational Plan (IEP)/5O4
  • IQ
  • Levels: Regents/AP
  • Quality of Course of Study
  • Report Card Comments
  • Teacher Comments/Recommendations
  • Transcript

Character Development

  • Awards
  • Charity Organizations
  • Religious
  • Services
  • Volunteerism

Athletic Assessment

  • Size
  • Speed
  • Strength

What’s Your Unique Story?

  • Hardships
  • Human Interest Story/Skills
  • Special Status

Lacrosse Assessment

  • Alpha Force
  • Lacrosse IQ
  • Lacrosse Skill Level
  • Physicality
  • Video



  • Prep
  • SAT II Subject Areas
  • Tutor Referral Services

Diversified Skills/Interests

  • Arts/Music/Theatre
  • Clubs
  • Language and Culture
  • Memberships
  • Research
  • Travel

College “Right Fit” Philosophy 

  • Aggressively Target Five Colleges
  • Arrange and Coordinate Visits
  • Contact College Faculties
  • Find Comfortable Matches
  • Find Real Opportunities
  • Identify Personal Interests
  • Initiate Communication
  • Match Lacrosse Abilities



  • College Essay Development
  • Portfolio Construction
  • Collaborative Authoring 


an “Advocate” Voice

  • Engage Coaching Network
  • Provide Professional Voice
  • Referrals

Player Marketing Package

  • Highlight Strengths and Abilities
  • Image Profile Building
  • Interview Skills

College Projection 

  • Balance Academic Ability With Athletic Ability
  • Factor Career Goals
  • Identify Internships Opportunities
  • Know Geographical and Financial Guidelines
  • Knowledge of NCAA Regulations
  • Research of Alumni Network

Goal Setting

  • Service Encompasses Journey From Elementary Through High School
  • Short and Long Term Range Planning

Academic Support

  • Homework Assistance and Management
  • Time Management Skills
  • Tutoring
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