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          We examine & develop the student-athlete from a Holistic viewpoint.  Advisement is based on the promotion of a complete student-athlete with a balanced profile.  A "recruitable" profile calls for one that addresses and celebrates  a full scope of personal abilities.   The key is finding both the necessary skills along with those that make the athlete unique.   The assessment & analytics utilized to identify these skills follow proven empirical school based education principles and practices.   Our goal is to package your student-athlete and present them as a well rounded prospective student-athlete.   This becomes of  paramount importance when seen through the "lens" of College Admissions Department Evaluators.   The core of our advisement system is an emphasis on preparation.  We believe that "The Future Belongs to those Who Prepare"!  

     LAXADEMICS mentoring subscribes to a mindset that together we will create our own recruiting "breaks"  and opportunities.   Gone is the notion that it is necessary to wait to be "discovered" by a college coach!  Our program calls for building a desirable profile and communicating it to potential College suitors.   This course of action takes a path through both academic & athletic channels.  The knowledge and nature of the College Admissions process dictates that these two "avenues" are linked to create a momentum for admission acceptance and merit based opportunities.  

      Advisement consists of guided based questions that need to be first discovered and portrayed in a student-athlete's profile.  Our methodology & strategy consists of the analysis & integration of  all areas of a student-athlete's personal makeup- "Body, soul & mind"!   Our goal is to present & market the student-athlete as a "complete package" .   This portrayal will be designed in a most respectful, sincere and admirable way.  We recognize that the characteristics of a successful person mirror those of a successful athlete.  Our task is to highlight those "quantifiable" outstanding characteristics and project it to potential opportunities.

     The key element of our service is that we provide an independent professional "Voice" & "Advocate"  that protects and celebrates the student-athlete.  Enlistment in our advisement service provides formalized closure for your family's investment in your child's educational & athletic future.  Our transparent advisement process guarantees a trustworthy partnership with the highest of integrity and motivations.  Simply, it is our PRIORITY... your child & their educational future!  We invite you to join us for assistance in your college quest.   Our time tested experience will navigate you through the highly competitive & complex world of college recruitment and admissions.  We take pride in the fact that our advisement & recommendations will be wholeheartedly honest, forthright and realistic.  Our advisement service SUCCESS is built on the reputation & integrity of our placement referrals which in turn fosters future successful relationships.  

    Below you will see a series of topic area questions that will be addressed when formulating a personalized "blueprint" for a student profile.  Next is the valuable &  unique service we offer - The trained skill and knowledge of an experienced Professional  Educator  that will methodically evaluate, integrate & synthesize this data.    This information will then be transformed and become the basis for your individualized advisement plan.  The following areas & questions will  be discovered:


1. Caliber of play?

2. Level of coaching? Certified educators? US Lacrosse certified?

3. Level of competition? Regional travel?

4. Exposure to competition?

5. Showcase factor?

6. Club, Community & High school Team memberships? Caliber? Placement history of players?


1. Coaching techniques & curriculum level?

2. Skill level & talent of team roster?

3. Individual talent level vs. team roster?

4. "Alpha force" level relative to team & competition? Standout?

5. Lacrosse IQ?


1. Speed & Strength?

2. Size? Projected growth (Medical data)

3. Physicality? Dominance level?

4. Other sports & positions? Alpha level?

5. Projected College level physical level:   DI ? DII? DIII ?


1. Feedback from coaches

2. Lacrosse IQ? Student of the game? Relationship with coaches?

3. Sportsmanship? Interactions with Officials, team members & competition? 

4. Performance under pressure? Performance vs. strong / weak competition?

5. Hustle factor? Effort level  100% ?  Respect & courtesy level?

6. Competitiveness factor?  Communication skills?  Leadership skills?

7. Practice habits? Work habits?  Extra time efforts?

8. Maturity level? Both physical & emotional?


1. Assess transcript? 

2. Level of course selections? Regents? Honors? AP? College credit?

3. Assess standardized tests? IQ? Achievement tests? ELA Level?


5. Report Cards? Teacher Comments? Relationships with teachers? Letters of recommendations?

6. Communication with Guidance counselors?

7. Extra curricular memberships? Special Talents?

8. Communication skills: Oral & Written?

9. Leadership Positions? 

10. Volunteerism?

11. Outside organizations/ memberships? Research involvement?

12. Jobs?


1. Personal Goals? Career interests?

2. Family parameters? Ambitions? Guidelines & Restrictions? Resources? Legacy?


1. Identify 5 Colleges to aggressively court?

2. Engage All College Departments: Admissions/ Academic Departments/ Athletic/ Alumni/ Career services/ Internship Programs/ Academic Support Services? Direct contact to Alumni?

3. Plan & coordinate visits & itinerary?

4. Identify & attend Lacrosse Camps & Prospect days? Chronicle lacrosse experiences?

5. Evaluation of facilities? Athletic complex? Residence conditions?

6. Medical care? Training & Rehab facilities? weight training program? Physicians associated with School?

7. Communications with Coaches? A Plan? Interpretation of terms & conditions?


1. Review & assess coach Bio & history? Contract duration? Level of success? Career history? 

2. Evaluate & breakdown current team roster? Identify commits & positions?

3. Meet AD? Research Athletics & funding levels? Future plans? Program history?

4. Academic support services for Athletes? Faculty engagement?

5. Travel accommodations? Mode of transportation for distant trips?

6. Alumni involvement with team?

7. Coaches recruiting history? Regional preference?


1. Arrange tutoring services to meet key benchmarks?

2. SAT / ACT prep work?

3. Course selection to optimize acceptance?

4. Engagement & contact to faculty members & key Admission Officers?

5. Identification of merit based financial opportunities?

6. Assessment of make up of student body? Academic levels? Demographic info?

7. College essay development? Resume / portfolio planning?

8. Early intervention program to pin point goals?

9. Communication with families of student-athletes?

10. Interview skill technique development for communicating with: Coaches / Admissions / Alumni?

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